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Demons of Mordane: A Dark Fantasy MMORPG project by the crafters at The Eldritch Forge and built upon the Multiverse Game Engine.

Factional FFA PvP MMORPG with systems designed to allow players of varying levels to play together socially and competitively.

Mordane: A world where magic is an ecological byproduct that, when used, recycles back into the ecosystem. The cycle has been disrupted by an invading force.

Until the arrival of the dark force, Mordane and its inhabitants enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. The world flourished from the energy expended by the people and, in return, the planet provided for their needs. "Fey", or the energies that the people called magic, was actually an ecological byproduct of the world sustaining itself.

This relationship is now threatened, and the natural order is being disrupted. "Fey", when used by the dark force, is not returned to the world in an eco-consumable form.

Now corruption spreads across the land, draining its essence and dominating its inhabitants. The increasing number of corrupted people and animals are returning less energy to the planet at an alarming rate. Those most tainted are referred to as "demons".

Mordane has responded to the threat, calling forth heroes to its defense.

Are you a demon or a hero?